Below is a list of currently available steels for pattern welding. 15N20 is used as the bright colour steel, because of the nickle content, with 20C being the darker steel.


These steels are all 3mm thick and in the annealed condition, ie soft.  A cutting service is available so you can easily build up a billet for welding. An ideal size for welding by hand would be about 125 x 40mm. 

I can also supply full sheets of 15N20, 1000 x 350mm and 20C in sheets of 1450 x 260mm.


A minimun order of 3 kilos applies at 10 GBP a kilo, plus postage of 7 GBP. This works out to 24 pieces of 3mm x 130 x 40mm. An ideal amount for 2 billets.


For other sizes and larger orders, contact me for prices. 



The chemical composition by % is,


15N20                            20C


Carbon  0.75                  1.00

Si         0.30                   0.30

Mn        0.40                  0.45

P max   0.018                0.015

S max   0.005                0.005

Cr         0.11                  0.15

Ni         2.00



For more imformation email me

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